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Carefree Digital Access Keyless Entry Keypad


MODEL: 1050A

  • Stand alone, self-contained keypad
  • Single or up to 1,000 personal code numbers
  • Easy to install, program and add or remove code numbers
  • No code number loss with power failure
  • Seamless heavy-duty powder coated housing for outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal
  • Automatic voltage sensor operates from 10 to 30 volts AC or DC
  • Tactile metal push button keyboard with audible feedback when keys are pressed
  • Built in timer for remote exit door switch or fire access key switch to provide “codeless” entry to authorized personnel
  • Night light activates to a brighter state when code is entered
  • Latching relay (toggle mode) to hold gate or doors open
  • Two programmable relays
  • Bright color LED display and audio tone
  • Built in heavy duty lightning and surge protection

All 1050 & 1051 series keypad models are available with a 24V AC heater system, on/off switch and control light

Contact us for pricing. Above would pertain to all of our keypads that start with the 1st 4 digits as 1050 or 1051.

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