Carefree Digital Access Keypads

CAREFREE SECURITY has been manufacturing fully sealed outdoor ALL WEATHER digital keypads for over 40 years. Our customers are assured of a trouble free keypad that is easy to install, user friendly and easy to operate.

CAREFREE SECURITY keypads are designed as a stand-alone programmable digital keypad entry with self-contained electronics. All of our keypads are designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use. This keypad is ideal for adverse environment conditions due to the electronic components being encapsulated in epoxy, making the keypad impervious to water and moisture. Coding is field programmable and can be changed in seconds. A user can pass through an entry point secured by the keypad by entering a correct code into the keypad. If an incorrect code is entered the keypad will deny access. The built in relay can switch power to an electric door lock, gate, overhead door operator and much more. The keypad metal housing can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to a wall. The keypad has a high-grade anodized aluminum faceplate, which protects it against any corrosion, it is also weather proof and vandal resistant. All of our keypads will compliment any opening and aim to provide total user satisfaction.